Monthly Archives: May 2013

Reassessing Development in Iraq: Investing in its Citizenry

by Michael G. Seyer When the last convoy of American troops exited Iraq on 18 December 2011, left behind was a government designed to be a power-sharing agreement among Shia, Sunni, and Kurdish representatives. This, it was posited, would provide a sufficient framework for cooperation and the basis for universal, countrywide development and political enfranchisement. […]

Iranian Nuclear Program: A Constructivist Perspective

by Lewis Dorman The Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository could be filled with the amount of ink that has been spilled in writing about the Islamic Republic of Iran’s highly controversial program to master the nuclear fuel cycle and develop atomic energy. According to the 1968 Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, every nation […]

Workshop Review: Andrey Konoplyanik – An Interview with Gazprom Export Advisor

by Lauren Bardin and Nicholas Watt Dr. Andrey Konoplyanik taught one of ENERPO’s core classes entitled, “The Evolution of World Energy Markets.” During the spring semester in 2013, the only way Dr. Konoplyanik could maintain his duties as advisor to Gazprom Export and as our professor was to take a take a train from Moscow […]

Workshop Review: Anatole Boute – Reform of the Russian Energy Sector

by Ornela Figurinaite and Michael G. Seyer Anatole Boute is a lecturer of law at the University of Aberdeen and legal adviser to the International Finance Corporation (The World Bank Group). As a contributor to the projects conducted by the Russia Renewable Energy Program, Dr. Boute advises the IFC on the legal aspects surrounding the […]

Workshop Review: Vladimir Drebentsov – BP Vice President on BP’s Activity in Russia

by Colin Chilcoat On April 19th, the European University at St. Petersburg had the pleasure of welcoming Dr. Vladimir Drebentsov as part of the “ENERPO Workshop,” a series of lectures and presentations, in which representatives of major oil companies, government officials, and academics are invited to speak before MA students on a topic of their […]