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Natural Gas Pricing Strategies for Europe’s Two Biggest Suppliers – Gazprom and Statoil

by Max Hoyt The gas market of the European Union is in a transitional phase. Centerpiece to the changes is the 2011 Third Energy Package and its goal of creating a single natural gas market. Natural gas, however, is a huge stumbling block for EU energy liberalization due to the EU’s 65% dependence on foreign […]

Workshop Review: Tatiana Mitrova – Russian Gas Export Strategy

By Nicholas Watt and Maurizio Recordati On December 9, 2013, the ENERPO program welcomed Russian energy specialist Dr. Tatiana Mitrova to European University at St. Petersburg. Her nearly four hour presentation in our university’s Golden Hall consisted of two parts – Russia’s gas export strategy and the future of world energy markets. With a professional […]

Gazprom Should Invest in Western European Power Plants

by Bram Onck On the 28th of January this year, German energy giant RWE announced an impairment – a devaluation of a company asset – of USD 4.5 billion as a result of losses incurred in its power generation activities. This announcement is part of a series of setbacks for European utility companies that are […]

Privatization of PEMEX and What’s Actually Changing in Mexico’s Oil Industry

by Stephanie Bryant In December 2013, the Mexican government ratified amendments to its constitution that will liberalize the energy sector. Political momentum to liberalize the oil and gas sector has been building since former President Felipe Calderón’s 2008 legislative attempts to introduce private investment. Although these reforms were ultimately unsuccessful, they focused political attention on […]