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News Blog – U.S. Shale Oil and Its Impact on Long Term Stability in the Oil Market

ENERPO student Lina Nagell offers an assessment of the future of shale in the face of a glut in oil prices. Can shale serve as a force for stabilization in world oil markets?

The Week in Review (Feb 8 – 14)

The Monitoring Team: Michael Roh, Pierre Jouvellier  India is Looking for More LNG, Australia is Ready to Flood the Market Due to cheap LNG prices, India will increase its imports from Australia under long-term contracts. The aim of these agreements is to take the control of the gas value chain and to take advantage of […]

Newsletter – Message from the Editor-in-Chief

Irina Mironova I would like to welcome our readers to the new semester with ENERPO students! We are continuing our activities within the World Oil and Gas Affairs Seminar, and for the next thirteen weeks, we will send you our Newsletter. The structure of the Newsletter will remain the same: we will provide with our […]

News Blog -Saudi’s Relying on Currency Reserves

Glenda Pavon-Suriel February 10, 2016 With oil prices at record lows, Saudi Arabia is wagering on different strategies in order to raise the revenue necessary to meet their obligations and maintain their position as the largest OPEC producer. Despite surpluses causing continued declines in oil prices, Saudi Arabia, the largest of the OPEC producers, shows […]

The Week in Review (February 01 – 07)

The Monitoring Team: Lina Nagell, Henrik Vorloeper Long-term implications of energy industry cutbacks Oil prices below USD 30 per barrel in January 2016 and rising stockpiles of oil have led to unprecedented cutbacks in activity and spending of energy companies worldwide. As a result costs for companies have come down, stemming partly from currency depreciation […]