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Energy Security of South Korea: All comes down to relations with DPRK?

by Soojeon Shin South Korea is the ninth-largest energy consumer based on 2014 data by EIA. The energy consumption has continued to increase in line with economic growth. It relies heavily on imports to meet 97% of its total primary energy consumption as a result of insufficient domestic resources. As it does not have yet international […]

Retired Oil and Gas Platforms Transform Into Marine Sanctuaries

by Glenda Pavon-Suriel What happens to an offshore oil rig when it retires? A few years before an offshore oil well is no longer producing oil the decommissioning process begins. This involves sealing and plugging the well with cement. The process can cost oil companies several million dollars, about as much as it cost to construct […]

Week in Review – March 21 – 28

by Lina Nagell and Zachary Waller Photo by Jerry Mathes II New Exports for Russia, Low ruble entices import of Russian goods.  Deputy PM Says Russian Economy Adjusting to Low Oil Prices, Weak Ruble Will Help Stabilize It  Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich said Wednesday that Russia’s economy is adjusting to low oil prices […]