ENERPO Journal Volume 9, Issue 1

The ENERPO Journal team is happy to announce that the 2021 edition is now available!

The current edition features eight contributions, including peer-reviewed research articles (analysis), op-eds (viewpoints) and an interview with renowned Russian energy expert Dr Mikhail Krutikhin. EUSP’s ENERPO Center scholars Dr Nikita A Lomagin, Dr Maxim A Titov and Mikhail A Oshchepkov offer readers an in-depth analysis of the Russian coal industry in the context of the global push towards decarbonisation. Continuing the focus on decarbonisation, Jon Amilibia Piqué and Anatolii Nikolaev’s articles explore the growing interest in hydrogen, in relation to both Russia and Australia. Moving to the gas sector, Ethan Woolley and Tristan Kenderdine consider the politics of China’s gas import strategy in their respective contributions. Finally, Altynay Kozhabekova examines how natural resources have been both a blessing and a curse for Kazakhstan.

A downloadable version of the issue can be found here and under the ‘Archive’ tab. If you wish to order a printed edition, please contact Dana Rice, Editor-in-Chief, at drice@eu.spb.ru.

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