ENERPO Director’s column

My name is Irina Mironova, and I am the Associate Director of “Energy Politics and Energy Transition in Eurasia” (ENERPO). Our program has been taught since 2012, and this year as we run the 11th enrollment cycle, we have added a new dimension on energy transition.

The field of energy transition offers bright prospects for young professionals. Every corporation today is seeking to develop sustainability strategy, and energy sector is at the forefront of this development. Energy companies strive to employ specialists with relevant background and experience; they also expand cooperation with research institutions for science-based approaches, and with governmental bodies to participate in institutional development of the energy sector. All these segments – corporate, governmental, and research – are now opening up for new people, and you can become one of those young professionals who improve the performance of energy sector and ultimately contribute to the goal of mitigating climate change and saving the planet.

Energy transition can be understood as a voyage, which, like any real voyage, has its starting point, arrival point, specific route, and vehicle by which you travel. So, you should demonstrate to your future employer that you understand:

  • Point A: where do we stand now? Understanding of how the energy sector works today, what are its specifics, pitfalls, and growth points
  • Point B: where do we want to arrive? Vision of how the sustainable society should be organized
  • Path and Vehicle: How do we get there? There is a number of policies and approaches employed today across sectors. Choose what is relevant and bring it to your future place of work.

Use every opportunity to enhance your network – I am not talking about simply increasing the number of your LinkedIn contacts. It helps to keep up with your contacts regularly. Also do not forget that your network grows with you: people with whom you study today will become your reliable peers in the future.

ENERPO will help you become the professional that companies are seeking today. Besides sharing our knowledge, we will also set you right in the middle of the professional network through workshops and conferences. You will learn from professionals with a clear understanding of the labor market and rich hands-on experience working with companies, governments, and non-profits. Thus, this program is an opportunity to obtain a number of practical skills which will be useful even if your chosen path will not be linked to the energy sector: you will learn how to work with statistics, structure argumentation, conduct a research project and much more.

Read more about ENERPO and send your application today! We will help you to succeed!

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