The ENERPO Journal was established in 2013 and is a publication produced by the Energy Politics in Eurasia (ENERPO) Program of the European University at St. Petersburg. The goal of the ENERPO Journal is to bring exposure to the activities held at the ENERPO program as well as give the most successful students an opportunity to have their work published.

The main types of articles published in the ENERPO Journal are analytical articles and viewpoint/commentary. ENERPO quality standards for analysis and research are at a professional level, while young researchers are often the ones providing creative solutions for the existing challenges. Thus, the work produced by the students will be useful for experts and industry professionals.

In 2015, we have launched the ENERPO Newsletter. The newsletter is prepared by the students within the seminar ‘World Oil and Gas Affairs’. Publishing short stories as we proceed through the course and observe the developments in international oil and gas markets is a great way to both share our findings and analysis, and bring a professional edge to study assignments.

Editor-in-Chief: Irina Mironova

ENERPO Journal Associate Editor – Online Edition: Jerry Byers

ENERPO Newsletter Managing Editor: Aaron Wood

If you have comments or questions about the ENERPO Journal or are interested in contributing, send us an email at imironova@eu.spb.ru or energyaddict22@gmail.com

ENERPO Journal founders: Maurizio Recordati, Nicholas Watt, Joseph Ralbovsky


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