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Cheap Oil May Spell Trouble for Canals

by Henrik Vorloeper One of the most interesting news stories this month was published on the website, “BBC Future”, and discusses the trading industry and its return to pre-industrial shipping routes and avoiding manmade waterways like the Suez and Panama Canals by detouring around continents. This new phenomenon was explored and analyzed by the Danish SeaIntel Maritime Analysis and […]

Solar Drones Electrifying the Developing World

by Glenda Pavon-Suriel According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), 620 million people in Africa still don’t have access to electricity. Many others around the world live in areas where the grid system is unreliable. In Africa, for example, investments in the electricity sector are particularly low, as are rates of electrification compared to other developing […]

News Blog – The EU Releases New Directive on Gas Contracts

by Henrik Vorloeper In February 2016, the European Union Commission proposed a new directive on gas contracts, in which the Commission further extends its control over EU member relations with non-EU suppliers. Even if the new directive might take up to two years, which is according to Platts a normal time exposure to adopt new regulations in […]

The Weekly Newsletters for February 21st and 28th are up!

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Newsletter – Message from the Editor-in-Chief

Irina Mironova I would like to welcome our readers to the new semester with ENERPO students! We are continuing our activities within the World Oil and Gas Affairs Seminar, and for the next thirteen weeks, we will send you our Newsletter. The structure of the Newsletter will remain the same: we will provide with our […]

News Blog -Saudi’s Relying on Currency Reserves

Glenda Pavon-Suriel February 10, 2016 With oil prices at record lows, Saudi Arabia is wagering on different strategies in order to raise the revenue necessary to meet their obligations and maintain their position as the largest OPEC producer. Despite surpluses causing continued declines in oil prices, Saudi Arabia, the largest of the OPEC producers, shows […]

The Week in Review (February 01 – 07)

The Monitoring Team: Lina Nagell, Henrik Vorloeper Long-term implications of energy industry cutbacks Oil prices below USD 30 per barrel in January 2016 and rising stockpiles of oil have led to unprecedented cutbacks in activity and spending of energy companies worldwide. As a result costs for companies have come down, stemming partly from currency depreciation […]


by Konstantin Golub Russia is one of the leaders in the world energy trade and exports almost half of the primary energy produced. Natural gas plays significant role in those exports. Russia is encountering new challenges in the European gas market, which is the central in Russia’s natural gas exports. The challenges can broadly be characterised […]

Viewpoint: IMF Distorts Energy Subsidy Facts to Vilify the Fossil Fuel Sector

by Jerry Byers The International Monetary Fund is muddying the already cloudy waters on how the world should address energy development and trade. The original report, released in May of this year, would have the casual observer believing that governments are using tax dollars to fund the energy industry to the tune of over 5 […]

The Week in Review (October 12 – 17)

The Monitoring Team: Jason Corbin, Henrik Vorloeper ISIS is still making money out of oil sales The ISIS regime and its infrastructure has been a target of Western and now Russian airstrikes, but yet ISIS still produces about 34,000-40,000 barrels per day, sold for USD 20 to USD 40 per barrel, which brings the militants […]