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ENERPO Director’s column

My name is Irina Mironova, and I am the Associate Director of “Energy Politics and Energy Transition in Eurasia” (ENERPO). Our program has been taught since 2012, and this year as we run the 11th enrollment cycle, we have added a new dimension on energy transition. The field of energy transition offers bright prospects for […]


The ENERPO Journal Editorial Team is announcing a call to expand our peer-reviewer database.   If you are interested in volunteering as a peer-reviewer, please send your preferred email address, current position and research interests to and cc We consider this as an excellent opportunity for researchers wishing to develop their editing skills and to establish […]

ENERPO Journal has been assigned with ISSN

The ENERPO Journal team is happy to announce that we have obtained the ISSN (International Standard Serial Number)! The International Standard Serial Number is an internationally recognized identification number for serial publications. Beyond its role of identifying titles, the ISSN is an essential daily tool for all serial publication professionals: electronic archiving, cataloguing, distribution, subscriptions and […]

Call for Peer Reviewers

The ENERPO Journal Editorial Team is launching a call to expand our peer-reviewer database.  If you would be interested in volunteering as a peer-reviewer, please send your preferred email address, current position and research interests to and cc Serving as a peer-reviewer not only helps authors know how to improve their work but supports the advancement […]


Professor François Lévêque from Mines-ParisTech led the latest workshop organized by the ENERPO Research Center at the European University at St. Petersburg. Lévêque gave a lecture on natural gas competition in Europe, and highlighted two main issues: firstly, Gazprom is currently experiencing pressure from the entry of new players into the European gas market. This […]

Book review: Renewables in the Russian Arctic

Book Review. Renewable Energy Sources in the Isolated Communities of the Russian Arctic (Возобновляемые источники энергии в изолированных населенных пунктах Российской Арктики). Authors: Berdin, V. H., Kokorin A.O., Yulkin, G.M., Yulkin, M.A. (Бердин В.Х., Кокорин А.О., Юлкин Г.М., Юлкин М.А.). Publisher: WWF, 2017. 80 pp. By Hilma Salonen Far-flung, sparsely populated settlements of the Russian […]

Oil Price Shocks and Economic Growth: The Evidence from Kyrgyzstan

By Alan Mamatov. Abstract: Starting from the second half of the 20th century, many researchers have focused their attention on the increasing influence of oil price shocks on global economic performance. However, the current stock of empirical literature significantly lacks research on developing oil importing economies from the post-Soviet region. The purpose of this paper is […]

UBERization in oil transportation? Interview with a representative of OSVFinder – an innovative company revolutionizing logistics

The transportation sector is an essential part of any supply chain. During their studies, students of energy politics often focus ether on upstream or downstream, but omitting the midstream sector is indeed a pity. In this interview with Pierre Jouvellier, ENERPO Graduate (2016) we discuss the new developments in the sector of oil transportation and perspectives of innovations that can reshape the architecture of the oil business.

ENERPO Journal Call for Papers

ENERPO Journal announces call for papers for October and December issues of 2017. The Journal accepts articles written in English on the subjects of energy security, energy economics, energy policy and the role of various fuels in the energy system. More specifically, the Journal seeks to cover topics such as: Analysis of regional markets for […]


by Gulnoza Khodizoda Abstract This paper’s main focus is to give an overview of the current potential of solar energy utilization through the use of solar power plants and the applicability of this to lower income countries, with a case study on Tajikistan. We will discuss two main types of solar power plants: Concentrated Solar Power […]