Category Volume 2 (2013-2014)

The History and Impact of U.S. and EU Energy-related Sanctions Against Iran

by Trey Giesen The designation of the Islamic Republic of Iran as a state sponsor of terrorism by the United States on January 23, 1984 began a thirty-year long sanctions regime against the Islamic nation. Initially serving the twofold purpose of pressuring the Islamic republic to discontinue its support of terrorism and curbing Iran’s growth […]

Future Development of Southeast European and Mediterranean Natural Gas Reserves

by Athina Sylaidy Energy security is a multifaceted issue, and one no longer restricted solely to the domain of the viability of energy supply, price appreciation and preservation of the environment, issues which are included in the ‘energy policy’ triangle. “Energy security”, as defined by the IEA, means ”adequate, affordable, and reliable supplies of energy.” […]

Russia, Ukraine, and Europe are Tied by Gas Dependency

by Dr. Jack D. Sharples A version of this article first appeared in the online publication “The Conversation” on April 17, 2014. The German energy giant RWE has begun to “reverse flow” supplies of gas from Europe back to Ukraine via Poland, a process first arranged in 2012, with an agreement to deliver up to […]

Workshop Review: Boris Jordan, Chief of Sputnik Group – The Ukrainian Crisis and Why the Russian Economy is Slowing

by Nicholas Watt On April 7, Boris Jordan, CEO of Sputnik Group, gave a presentation to European University’s students and professors in the Golden Hall. After being introduced by Rector Kharkhordin, Jordan began with the warning that he may from time to time switch back into Russian. Indeed, Jordan, a US citizen, has spent the […]

Is Gazprom’s Pipeline Export Monopoly Under Threat?

by Andras Szekely Gazprom has a reputation of being the ultimate monopolist, the company on which both Siberian babushkas and German industry are dependent. Since Alexey Miller was appointed CEO of the company, Gazprom has played a crucial role both in the domestic Russian market and in the European gas market. For a long time […]

American LNG Export to Save Europe from Gazprom is Mostly Hot Air

by Michael Camarda In the search for ways to punish Russia for its military incursion into and subsequent annexation of Crimea, the US and EU have both imposed sanctions, visa restrictions, assets freezes on Putin’s inner circle, as well as suspended Russia’s G8 membership. The more vaunted sectoral sanctions, with finance and energy being the […]

Reimagining the Petrodollar

by Colin Chilcoat Cryptocurrencies, or digital mediums of exchange, have been trading since 2009. Bitcoin (BTC), the first of these alternative currencies to become available, recently traded at values greater than 1,000USD/1BTC. The digital currency has gained notoriety for its use on the Silk Road, a virtual black market, which deals heavily in the trade […]

Financial Turbulence in the CPR – China’s First Ever Corporate Bond Default

by Anthony Guida Rising debt levels, unhealthy excess capacity and a rickety financial system are some of the many descriptions offered by journalists of China’s current economic conditions following Premier Li Kequiang’s speech during the annual National People’s Congress session, where he stated that “China is braced for a wave of industrial bankruptcies as its […]

Workshop Review: Sergey Komlev of Gazprom Export – Pricing on the European Gas Market

by Tsvetalin Radev, Athina Sylaidy, and Colin Chilcoat The European Union’s Third Energy Package has become a reality, thus increasing the level of liberalization of the European energy markets. Moreover, the European Commission has launched an anti-trust lawsuit against Gazprom, as the Russian gas monopoly has allegedly been hindering competition in Eastern and Central Europe. […]

Workshop Review: Andrey Kostin, Chief of VTB – Russia and Europe: Past, Present, and Future

by Nicholas Watt On April 4, 2014 European University at St. Petersburg welcomed VTB chief, Andrey Kostin, to the Golden Hall for his presentation entitled “Russia and Europe: Past, Present, and Future.” Kostin was introduced by Rector Oleg Kharkhordin to an audience of students and professors eager to hear what the head of one of […]