Category Issue 3

Greenpeace in the Russian Arctic: Environment vs. Oil Drilling

by Koen van Delft and Katherine Bennett On September 18, 2013, Greenpeace International sailed into the Pechora Sea in the Arctic under the Dutch flag on the Arctic Sunshine to protest the Russian oil giant, Gazprom Neft’s Prirazlomnaya oil rig. Greenpeace aims to stop the world’s first oil from being produced in these ice-filled Arctic […]


Why is South Stream Being Built? It’s Not Just Geopolitics

by Nicholas Watt Almost exactly one year ago in the southern Russian city of Anapa, Vladimir Putin, in an auditorium filled with energy company executives and high-ranking international government officials, launched construction of the South Stream pipeline. Projected onto a giant screen directly behind the Russian president was live footage of the welding of the […]

Black Gold, Economic Flowering, and Ethnic Tensions – Hydrocarbon Exploration and Export in Northern Iraq

by Andrea Seffens Cradled between distant mountain ranges and vast oil fields, a fresh capital hums like a young Dubai, as students and businessmen stroll about modern buildings built with the revenues brought by the black gold that rests beneath Kurdish Iraq. Growing oil profits and increased international investment in the region have facilitated a […]