Category Issue 4

Renewables in India: A Work in Progress

by Julie Jojo Nielen As a nation of more than 1,2 billion people, the tenth economy of the world and one of the most rapidly developing countries globally, India is becoming an increasingly important player in terms of energy. The urgency of India’s energy needs is not only underlined by its rapid economic growth and […]


Iran versus Russia: Perspectives of Competition in the European Gas Market

by Dimitri Papamichaïl In July 2015, negotiators from the P5+1 group (five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany) reached a deal with Iran, in which Iran would halt its nuclear research in exchange for the lifting the economic sanctions. At the margin of P5+1 negotiations (five permanent members of the UN Security […]

TAPI Pipeline: Why It Should Remain Just a Pipedream

by Giovanni Pagotto On March 15, 2015 in occasion of a dedicated intergovernmental meeting in Kabul, the negotiations over the construction of TAPI (a gas pipeline passing through the territories of Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India) removed significant hindrances towards the implementation of the project. According to Sartaj Aziz, adviser to Pakistan’s Prime Minister on […]

Russia-China Gas Deal is a Win/Win

by Jerry Byers July 1, 2015 There is a plethora of debate about the winners and losers in the recent finalization of the Russia-China gas deal. Most of the rhetoric focuses on the seemingly unavoidable trade-off in which Russia has been forced to accept a less than advantageous deal with China and has sacrificed its […]