Category Volume 3 (2014-2015)

End of the Fracking Dream

by Fabio Herrero In a previous article entitled, “US Natural Gas Export: A Sensible Move?” dated September 2014, I wrote about the nonsense surrounding the US gas export meme and debunked the frack gas miracle. Many arguments used for my case, which was that the gas boom was not a long lasting one and that […]

Russia’s Power Equipment Industry – Modernization in Times of Geopolitical Conflict

by Daniel Tappeiner As more economic sanctions are imposed on Russia by a West spearheaded by the US supposedly to change Russia’s attitude towards the geopolitical conflict over Ukraine, ever wider economic sectors in Russia come under financial pressure, and what is more, trade in crucial technologies is reduced. Apart from the direct impact of […]

US Natural Gas Export: A Sensible Move?

by Fabio Herrero In the past years there has been a lot of noise about LNG export from the US. On March 25, 2014, Senate Energy Committee Chairwoman Mary Landrieu spoke about replacing Ukraine Russian gas imports with US gas. The indirect reply by Cheniere CEO Mr. Souki “It’s flattering to be talked about like […]

Future of Cypriot Hydrocarbons Obscured by Historical and Political Shadows of the Past

by Athina Sylaidi The discovery of hydrocarbons in Cyprus, Israel, the Greek territorial waters, and south to Egyptian waters, in the Eastern Mediterranean, is a strategic turning point for the region, especially for Cyprus and Greece. Recent research of the US Geological Survey characterizes the region as one of the most important sources of natural […]