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Professor François Lévêque from Mines-ParisTech led the latest workshop organized by the ENERPO Research Center at the European University at St. Petersburg. Lévêque gave a lecture on natural gas competition in Europe, and highlighted two main issues: firstly, Gazprom is currently experiencing pressure from the entry of new players into the European gas market. This […]

Louis Skyner’s series of seminars for ENERPO

by Aaron Wood ENERPO Students at EUSP engaged in a series of seminars last week, from April 11th to 14th with Louis Skyner, a senior associate at the renowned London firm of Clifford &Chance. Mr. Skyner has worked for several years in energy law, and at Clifford & Chance, he specializes in banking and finance […]

Mehdi Sanaei, Iranian Ambassador to Russia, Visits EUSP

by Zachary Waller, Gevorg Avetikyan On April 8th, Mehdi Sanaei, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Russian Federation, visited the European University at St. Petersburg to speak with students, faculty, and other members of the EUSP community. Mr. Sanaei covered a wide range of topics in his conversation at EUSP, but focused on […]

Workshop Review: Davide Tabarelli – Italian Energy Security and the Missing South Stream

by Filippo Verdolini On October 3rd the European University of Saint Petersburg hosted a prestigious round table discussion. The main topic was energy security, specifically “Pan-European Energy Security in the Post-Ukraine Crisis: Future Scenarios and Possible Solutions”. Experts from different countries and with different backgrounds were invited. Divergent points of views and interests were shared […]

Workshop Review: Boris Jordan, Chief of Sputnik Group – The Ukrainian Crisis and Why the Russian Economy is Slowing

by Nicholas Watt On April 7, Boris Jordan, CEO of Sputnik Group, gave a presentation to European University’s students and professors in the Golden Hall. After being introduced by Rector Kharkhordin, Jordan began with the warning that he may from time to time switch back into Russian. Indeed, Jordan, a US citizen, has spent the […]

Workshop Review: Sergey Komlev of Gazprom Export – Pricing on the European Gas Market

by Tsvetalin Radev, Athina Sylaidy, and Colin Chilcoat The European Union’s Third Energy Package has become a reality, thus increasing the level of liberalization of the European energy markets. Moreover, the European Commission has launched an anti-trust lawsuit against Gazprom, as the Russian gas monopoly has allegedly been hindering competition in Eastern and Central Europe. […]

Workshop Review: Andrey Kostin, Chief of VTB – Russia and Europe: Past, Present, and Future

by Nicholas Watt On April 4, 2014 European University at St. Petersburg welcomed VTB chief, Andrey Kostin, to the Golden Hall for his presentation entitled “Russia and Europe: Past, Present, and Future.” Kostin was introduced by Rector Oleg Kharkhordin to an audience of students and professors eager to hear what the head of one of […]

Workshop Review: Tatiana Mitrova – Russian Gas Export Strategy

By Nicholas Watt and Maurizio Recordati On December 9, 2013, the ENERPO program welcomed Russian energy specialist Dr. Tatiana Mitrova to European University at St. Petersburg. Her nearly four hour presentation in our university’s Golden Hall consisted of two parts – Russia’s gas export strategy and the future of world energy markets. With a professional […]

Workshop Review: Vladimir Milov – Greater Role of State in Russian Energy is Not Good for Russia

by Tsvetalin Radev and Koen van Delft “The behavior displayed by the state was surprising; they unannounced a big U-turn and regained control over the industry, with re-nationalizing assets, and increasing its role in regulation, planning, and investments. This almost immediately led to diminishing hopes for higher share of FDI in the energy sector. The […]

Workshop Review: Vladimir Drebentsov – BP Economist Crunches Today’s Numbers for Glimpse of Tomorrow’s Energy Scene

by Stephanie Bryant and Michael Camarda On October 7th, the European University at St. Petersburg welcomed Dr. Vladimir Drebentsov as part of the ENERPO program’s “Workshop Series.” Dr. Drebenstov’s 90 minute presentation was divided into four parts: 1) the current situation in energy markets; 2) a summary of BP’s 2030 outlook; 3) the Russian oil […]