Dana Rice (Editor-in-Chief)

Dana Rice is a PhD candidate at the Australian National University. She completed her undergraduate and Honours degrees at the University of Tasmania. In 2019, she studied in the European University at Saint Petersburg’s ENERPO Master’s program and conducted fieldwork in Kazakhstan. Her research interests include China-Russia and China-Central Asia relations, oil/gas in Central Asia, the Eurasian Economic Union, the Belt and Road Initiative and critical geopolitics. Outside of her studies, Dana has worked in the policy section of the Tasmanian Department of Health and at the Australian Institute of International Affairs.

Anastasiya Oshchepkova (Deputy Editor-in-Chief)

Anastasiya Oshchepkova is a translator, interpreter and current master’s student at Saint Petersburg State University, School of International Relations, American Studies Department. She received her bachelor’s degree in linguistics (translation and translation studies) from Leo Tolstoy Tula State Pedagogical University in Tula, Russia. Her research interests include the US policy in the Middle East, public diplomacy and strategic communication, soft power. She has vast experience in translation and editing, including work on the projects related to energy and politics, climate change issues, renewables and pollution control.

Daniel Palmer (Technical Editor)

Daniel graduated with the Harvard College Class of 2019 and is returning to Harvard as a current graduate student at the REECA Program–a master’s degree focused to the study of the post-Soviet space. As part of his undergraduate experience, Daniel lived in St. Petersburg, Russia where he first learned about the European University at St. Petersburg and the ENERPO Journal. Daniel hopes to write his graduate thesis on topics related to energy politics, economics and monetary policy across the region. Professionally, Daniel worked as a paramedic in the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts for five years.

Executive Editor: Irina Mironova

Executive Editor: Maxim Titov

Academic Director, ENERPO: Nikita Lomagin

Director, EUSP International Programs: Gevorg Avetikyan

Translator: Mikhail Gryaznov

Past Editorial Board Members: Joshua R. Kroeker, Julie Jojo Nielen, Vanille Dabal

ENERPO Journal Founders: Maurizio Recordati, Nicholas Watt, Joseph Ralbovsky