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Journal Scope

The Journal accepts articles written in English on the subjects of energy security, energy economics, energy policy and the role of various fuels in the energy system. More specifically, the Journal seeks to cover topics such as

  • Energy efficiency and green economy;
  • Analysis of regional markets for fossil fuels (oil, natural gas and coal)
  • Analysis of policies and initiatives concerning fuel substitution; the transition to a ‘greener’ fuel mix;
  • The role of energy resources in the Russian economy;
  • Russian domestic market reforms for liquid fuels, natural gas, coal and electricity;
  • Russia’s relations with key producing/exporting countries;
  • Russia’s relations with key importers of fossil fuels;
  • Recurring geopolitical crises in Eurasia (including, but not limited to, the post-Soviet space, Russia-EU, Central Asia, China and the Middle East);
  • Technology and innovation in fossil fuel production and implications for the cost of production and supply; upstream project economics.


Types of Submissions

We accept two types of submissions:

Analysis (2500 – 4000 words)

All analysis articles are subject to a double-blind peer review process (for more information, please see the page on our peer review policy). 

Viewpoint (1500 – 2000 words) 

Viewpoint articles are opinion pieces and therefore are not subject to the double-blind peer review process.  However, if accepted for publication, they will undergo technical editing. 


Style Guidelines

Regardless of submission type, your submission should be in .doc(x) format and contain the following elements: 

•       Name of author, title 
•       Submission type (analysis/viewpoint)
•       Abstract (max. 200 words)
•       5-10 keywords in alphabetical order
•       Text divided into sections 
•       The use of visual aids is strongly encouraged 
•       Information about the author (short biography) 
•       Contact details (e-mail address for correspondence) 

All submissions should be formatted in the Chicago citation style, with footnotes used for easier reading. If in doubt, please refer to this webpage.

If the article contains visual aids, all sources of illustrations and/or primary data should be indicated.

All titles, headings and subheadings should be capitalised with the exception of short prepositions. For instance, ‘Summary: Gas Exploitation in Kazakhstan’.

All headings and subheadings should follow the recommended order of boldbold in italics and then italics.

In terms of font style and size, please use Garamond 16 for the main title, Garamond 14 for the body and Garamond 11 for footnotes. Use 1pt spacing.

For consistency, we request that authors adhere to British English spelling and grammar conventions in their articles – the one exception is ‘ENERPO Center’ which the European University at Saint Petersburg spells according to the American style.

Please do not use the Oxford comma (also known as the serial comma) unless it is necessary to resolve ambiguity. For example, ‘Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan’ does not require a comma. However, ‘the Russian minister, a political scientist and an ecological activist’ would require a comma to distinguish that these are three separate people and not the secondary roles of the minister – in other words, the phrase should be written as ‘the Russian minister, a political scientist, and an ecological activist’ in order to avoid ambiguity.

Dates should be written in day-month-year style. E.g. 14 September 2019.

Please do not underline.


How to Submit

Please send your submissions to

Dana Rice, 

and cc

Anastasiya Oshchepkova,
Deputy Editor-in-Chief,


Current Deadline for Submissions:

31 January 2022