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News Blog -Saudi’s Relying on Currency Reserves

Glenda Pavon-Suriel February 10, 2016 With oil prices at record lows, Saudi Arabia is wagering on different strategies in order to raise the revenue necessary to meet their obligations and maintain their position as the largest OPEC producer. Despite surpluses causing continued declines in oil prices, Saudi Arabia, the largest of the OPEC producers, shows […]

Energy News Blog – Russia and the New Geopolitics of Oil

By Irina Mironova, Aaron Wood (This text was written for Russia Direct) The changing structure of the global oil trade – which includes new roles for Russia and Saudi Arabia and the rise of non-state actors such as ISIS – has important implications for Russia’s energy industry. Russia’s top energy companies, already grappling with the […]

Energy News Blog – Challenges Facing OPEC Members in Light of Lower Oil Prices

by Lina Nagell  The Technical meeting between oil experts from OPEC members and 8 non-member oil producer states on Wednesday, 21st of October, did not reach an agreement to cut production. This comes as no surprise, taking into account that participants were in fact unable to agree on joint press releases at their two last […]

The Week in Review (October 12 – 17)

The Monitoring Team: Jason Corbin, Henrik Vorloeper ISIS is still making money out of oil sales The ISIS regime and its infrastructure has been a target of Western and now Russian airstrikes, but yet ISIS still produces about 34,000-40,000 barrels per day, sold for USD 20 to USD 40 per barrel, which brings the militants […]