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Gazprom signs a contract for the construction of the second string of Turkish Stream. What’s next?

By Daniel Tsvetanov Gazprom’s subsidiary South Stream Transport B.V. and the Swiss-based company Allseas Group S.A. signed a contract to build the second string of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline’s offshore section.[1] The deal was signed on 21 February, 2017, in Amsterdam; it complements the previous agreement of building the first string of Turkish Stream […]

The Week in Review September 5 – 12

by Sophie Nguebana, Daniel Tsvetanov, Patrick Osborne, Alberto Perego, Alexander Geysman, Timothy Abraham – Featured photo by Jerry Mathes III Egypt to Use Gas from Cyprus In the end of August, Cyprus and Egypt signed an agreement, under which natural gas from offshore fields located in Cyprus will be supplied to Egypt. The agreement (which […]

The Week in Review – April 04 – 10

Photo by Jerry Mathes II The Monitoring Team: Aaron Wood, Henrik Vorloeper Doha meeting turns out to be a farce already The high expectations set on the meeting between two major oil producing countries Saudi-Arabia and Russia to take place in April 2017 has already razed all hopes for those who have an interest in […]


by Konstantin Golub Russia is one of the leaders in the world energy trade and exports almost half of the primary energy produced. Natural gas plays significant role in those exports. Russia is encountering new challenges in the European gas market, which is the central in Russia’s natural gas exports. The challenges can broadly be characterised […]

The Week in Review (October 05 – 09)

The Monitoring Team: Lina Nagell, Fatma Babayeva Due to speculation that demand is picking up, oil surged to above $50 a barrel in NY. OPEC Secretary-General Abdalla Salem El-Badri stated that demand would increase by 1.5 million barrels a day this year, more than previously projected, amid cheaper fuel prices. El-Badri continued to talk up […]

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Turkish Stream versus Nordstream-2: What Is This Battle of Russia’s Pipelines About? – Fatma Babayeva Throughout the past year, we witnessed a number of changes in Russia’s priorities concerning its pipeline exports to Europe, and particularly in the context of transit-avoidance strategy. This strategy was developed in the mid-2000s as a reaction to Ukrainian transit […]

Energy News Blog

Energy News Blog  The Future of the EU’s Gas Market: A Roundtable Led by ERIRAS’ T.Mitrova and V.Kulagin Michael Camarda  On Monday, September the 14th, the Higher School of Economics at the National Research University hosted a roundtable discussion on the Future of the EU’s gas market. Tatiana Mitrova, the head of the Oil and […]